Hands-Off Persistence System (HOPS)

Abstract: Programming persistent memory (PM) applications is challenging as programmers have to reason about crash consistency and use low-level programming models. To remove some of these constraints, we propose the Hands-off Persistence System to efficiently order PM updates in hardware using persist buffers. HOPS also provides high-level ISA primitives for applications to express durability and ordering constraints separately, to enable the use of ACID transaction.

Bio: Swapnil is a PhD Student with Mark Hill and Mike Swift in the Multifacet group at UW Madison. Prior to joining UW-Madison, he completed his undergraduate studies from BITS, Pilani in India. He spent about two years working on the Denver CPU at NVIDIA, which motivated him to pursue research in architecture. He is currently interested at redesigning the virtual memory subsystems of the OS and the underlying architecture to better fit emerging persistent-memory and big-memory applications.