CloudCache: On-demand Flash Cache Management for Cloud Computing

Abstract: Host-side flash caching is a solution to the scalability problem of VM storage, but still faces limitations in capacity and endurance. This work presents CloudCache, an on-demand cache management solution to meet VM cache demands and minimize cache wear-out. First, it proposes a cache demand model, Reuse Working Set (RWS) to capture data with good temporal locality, and uses RWS size to model a workload's cache demand. Second, proposes a dynamic cache migration to balance cache load across hosts

Bio: Dulcardo Arteaga currently working as software engineer at Parallel Machines obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Sciences at Florida International University (FIU) under the supervision of Dr. Ming Zhao in the Virtualized Infrastructure, Systems and Applications (VISA) Laboratory. Dulcardo obtained his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from FIU. Dulcardo's research focus is in block-level caching and virtualization.