The Evolution of NVM Express to Meet Cloud Determinism Requirements For NVM Devices

Abstract: SSDs are becoming very large (e.g., 16 TB in a single device). In Cloud environment, these SSDs are often hosting many different latency sensitive applications. By renegotiating the contract between the host and device, P99 and P9999 read latency can be bounded. The new contract provides other knobs, like a worse UBER to get lower maximum read time. Explore what is possible when the host and device collaborate, enabling the host to build a tapestry of fast NVMe SSDs across the Datacenter.

Bio: Amber Huffman is an Intel Fellow and the director of storage interfaces in the NVM Solutions Group at Intel. She leads the development of storage interfaces within Intel and the industry. Amber is the President of NVM Express, Inc., and editor of the NVMe specification since its inception. She chairs the Board of the Open NAND Flash Interface. Amber has a BSE from the University of Michigan and an MSE from Stanford University. She has been granted more than 20 patents in storage architecture.